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  • From: XXX
  • Added: Jan 01, 1970
  • Rating: 416
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A Dickgirl

With a start Ginny woke up. Sunlight gleamed through the windows and her alarm clock blared. Wiping sleep from her eyes, Ginny kicked off the covers and rolled out of bed. "Damn," she thought. "Its Monday." 

She stumbled into the bathroom and surveyed here naked body in the mirror. She had a slender, supple body accentuated by large, perky breasts (C cup), a gorgeous ass, smooth legs, and a thick, juicy cock, 8 inches long when flaccid. While she had good reason to be particularly proud of her body, her favorite asset was her dick. It was large and thick. In all its thick, juicy and veined glory it measured 14.5 inches. Her massive balls, which she kept shaved were easily the size of tennis balls, and could deliver a huge load of cum easily on a regular basis.

Ginny was among a very small percentage of the population that was born as a natural hermaphrodite. The doctors had told her parents that she was about as capable of becoming pregnant as a man (she did not have a vagina, for one thing), but that like a man, she would be able to impregnate women. Because she was like a girl in every way except for her penis and balls, her parents did their best to raise her like a girl. She grew up with dolls and dresses, without really knowing she was different from other girls until middle school. It came as a big shock to her that like a boy, she had a dick, but like a girl she had breasts.

It was a difficult time for her, especially when puberty began to hit and her dick and balls began to grow. The doctors, who were very interested in this odd patient of theirs, watched her development closely, and were keenly interested to see if she could have an orgasm that way men do. They were so interested, that they tried to jack her off one day, but were unable to because she was so nervous. She insisted that her dick would get hard sometimes, but she couldn't get it up at the doctors' office. The doctors decided that it must be because she was in an unfamiliar environment, and so they asked Ginny's mother for help. They told Ginny and her mother that the next time she got hard, she should go to her mother and have her mother collect a sample of her semen for analysis.

It was an awkward moment for both of them later that night when Ginny walked into her parents' room with a raging boner. It was especially awkward when her mother saw that Ginny had the biggest dick she had ever seen, and that after massaging it for just a little while, it spurted huge amounts of semen, initially spurting all over her mothers face and hair, and then when directed at the cup, filling it up as well. And as it turned out, Ginny was capable of multiple orgasms, just like any woman.

As she grew and matured, Ginny's cock continued to grow. It began to get in the way of things. Worried that other people would treat her like a circus freak, Ginny went to all sorts of lengths to hide her abnormalities. She refused to wear skirts, and when she wore pants, they had to be baggy. She began to use bits of string and cloth to actually tie up her dick because even when flaccid it was getting too big to hide. Although her biggest fear was that she would be discovered, it was also one of her biggest fantasies. 

She had to masturbate several times a day because her body produced so much semen. If she didn't, her dick would get hard at the slightest movement, and if worst came to worst, she would end up blowing her seed all over herself at the most inopportune time. This had happened several times, and Ginny had learned to masturbate on a regular basis.

Having a large dick with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of cum also had its perks, however. It allowed her to play around with herself more, and as she got older she began to take more and more pleasure in it. She loved sucking her own dick; tasting the salty, stickiness of it, the sliminess of it as it oozed down her throat. Sometimes when she had the time, she would play with herself for hours; licking her own dick, cumming all over herself, rubbing her sticky seed all over her body. As her breasts go larger, she found that she could even give herself a titfuck. 

Like many people her age, high school was a time of sexual experimentation, and although playing with herself brought her great pleasure, she longed for a sexual partner. She wondered what it would be like to stick her massive dick into some juicy pussy. She had thought about guys, and while they were interesting, she found women more sexually attractive.